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Parking Garage

New Orleans

New Orleans covered parking garage.

I walked many a mile around the French Quarter and Central Business District.  One thing that I noticed was that many of the parking spaces are covered.  I am not sure if it is just because they have abandoned buildings that someone has bought and turned into garages of if there is a reason why parking would need to be covered.  I didn’t find much using good ole google.  If I had more time I would have liked to find an interesting car that I could contrast with the grungy building (deteriorating brick and concrete).  When I was taking this photo the guy who empties the cash out of the machines was coming around.  I am not sure if he knew what to make of me, with my camera and tripod ;).

These locations would also make and interesting portrait backdrop.  And another bonus is that they light would be consistent making it easier to control.  Bring a light shaper like a softbox or umbrella and you would be in business.

Lots more photos to go through.