It sometimes sucks to be a Canadian

To make a long story short, I had a problem with my gopro Hero 3 black. To make a long story

Damaged GoPro Hero 3 Black

Damaged GoPro Hero 3 Black

short, I was on vacation in Jamaica this year. I took the gopro out in the water as I had countless

Damaged GoPro Hero 3 Black

times before this and well the case leaked. I quickly went back to my room, took everything apart and put it all in a ziplock bag with some desiccant but the damage was done. Probably because it was salt water.
When I got home I contacted gopro customer service. They were very pleasant to deal with. Informed me that the camera was out of warranty and that it would also be difficult to determine why the case leaked (product failure vs user failure). They did offer me a 20% discount on a new camera. I thought this was somewhat reasonable and took the offer.


New GoPro Hero 4 Silver

I had to send in my damaged gopro which cost me about $16. They got the camera and gave me a code for my 20% discount. I had to order the camera through them. So I ordered the camera but after totalling up all my costs (taxes, duty, shipping, conversion rates) it was not that great of a deal. I ended up with about an 8% savings vs buying the camera from futureshop.

This was a bummer and I contacted gopro again to see if something can be done to get the compensation back to the offer but no can do. I suggested a free batter or two, but NOPE!!

If I was in the USA this would have been a great deal, but after all the added costs, not really so good. It was a discount and glad that for but I guess being a Canada works against you when you are dealing with a US company that doesn’t have a Canadian outlet.


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