Cafe du Monde

When I told a friend of mine that I was going to New Orleans she told me that I had to go to Cafe du Monde for a Beignet.  What is a beignet you ask, well beignet is actually a french word for donut.  I actually knew this before I went as my kid is in french immersion and he had this as one of his spelling test words, but I digress.  The beignet is made similar to a donut, with dough that is fried and then sprinkled heavily with icing sugar.  They are served warm, and man are they good.  An order consist of three.  I had these for three breakfasts and had to cut myself off before I grew out of my pants.  They claim to have opened in 1862.  Currently the main location is on Decature Street which can get crazy busy.  There is a second shop located on the Riverwalk which is usually less busy and still the same goodness, yummy.

New Orleans, Cafe du Monde

New Orleans, Cafe du Monde

Later in the week we decided to try another place called Cafe Beignet. They also had awesome beignets (I am thinking that you can’t make a bad one).  They seemed more airy, more like a french cruller but defenitaly not as airy.



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