Monthly Archives: October 2012

New diggs :D

I am changing around my web presence somewhat.  In the past I have been using a web service called squarespace.  There is nothing wrong with the service.  Customizing the pages was ok even with the limited knowledge that I had.  It wasn’t anything that was super awesome, look what I created but it did what it needed to do.  Then I found smugmug.  This type of web space is more geared towards photographers tho.  The only problem is that it seems more photocentric.  I.e. it doesn’t really let you have a blog.  I was running both sites for a bit but since smugmug decided to raise their prices I can’t afford both anymore.  You can customize smugmug as there are companies that offer to do so but its at least $300 plus if you want a matching blog its another $175 (and maybe a monthly hosting fee).  I have started playing around with smugmug and got the customization going.  Its not where I want it to be yet, but for now it works.  And well you are at my blog, so obviously I have found a free blogging site.  So the site might change here and there over the next little while, hopefully this won’t be too distracting.  Thanks for checking the blog out.